Life is the Ultimate Journey

Well hello old friend!  It has been so long since we last communicated.  What happened?  Where have you been?

Here it is my friends, family, and handful of followers that will be surprised to see a post from a long forgotten blogger… life has taken hold and taken me in new directions.   This is usually a welcome event when you are on a travel adventure to a new destination that you have never explored, in other words, you expect twists and turns to happen.  No doubt, you want them to happen if you are the kind of traveler that is attracted to a blog like this, right?

Not always the case in life’s journey.  You get settled; dare I say “comfortable” with the routine and you come to depend on it.  In essence this is what has happened since my post in June of 2013.   Just prior to that post I had left my employment of 16 years.   This was not a planned departure so I was very much looking forward to that trip to get my mind off some things.   In case you were wondering,  that was a fantastic trip and one for the memory books for sure.  As I mentioned though, I was now unemployed and when we returned from Alaska I set on a determined path to find employment.   I pursued all of the normal routes to seek employment and was not finding success.   Without going into all of the finer details it turns out that God had a different plan for me.  What does that mean?  No, I was not called to the clergy or anything but where I did end up is so far different from what I imagined.

I was sitting in our home office sifting through emails and chasing recruitment rabbits down a variety of rabbit holes when a particular path was revealed to me.  That path was a winding one indeed but led me to what I am doing today.   I am now a business owner and truly in charge of my own destiny, for better or for worse!  I decided to take the leap and made an investment in a business coaching franchise.   I have been at this now since I got out of 10 day certification training in September of 2013.   Needless to say; building a business is a learning, growing, harrowing, exhilarating, and humbling experience.   You have heard of the “Road Less Traveled” and I am on it!  Here is the thing you should know.  I would not trade it for anything as it will be the hardest thing I will have ever worked on professionally and I am confident will be the most rewarding.

What does this mean for me?  Well dear reader, as has become obvious, I do not have the time to keep this blog up so I will be ending it (if there is such a thing in the Word Press world).  This is not the end of the journey though.  I will be alive and well and rejoin the blog world under my business name in the VERY NEAR future.   The business is SquaredM Coaching, Inc.  dba ActionCOACH.   Rest assured that this will not be your boring, straight business, kind of blog.  I promise to deliver inspiration, insight, and creativity to a sometimes mundane topic (don’t let the suit in the pic below fool you).  It will be geared to any one facing a life transition, just like I did last year, and has found the need to re-INVENT themselves both professionally and personally.   I promise to weave in some sense of adventure and anticipation the world of travel gives us.   Make no mistake though, I will deliver on the goods when it comes to the things you need to help a business be profitable.   Just a hint of things to come if you join me there…. so many people DREAM of exotic world travel but can’t imagine themselves there because of money… as a business owner, entrepreneur, or someone with a dream in their heart…. you need that DREAM to help drive you to set GOALS….then PLANS….then take ACTION!   Come join me to find out how.

As soon as my new WordPress website and blog is up and running I will return here for one last post to let you know how to find me, Coach Martin, Certified Business Coach and part of the World’s #1 Business coaching firm.  In the meantime come find me on Facebook at “2M Coaching in Action” and feel free to follow or like me.  If you do, please leave a note and let me know you visited from this page.   Until then…


The Time Between….

Anticipation Part 2

Was that an appropriate amount of time to create “anticipation” for my next post?  I promised in my last post that I would continue on this topic of “anticipation” and mentioned our upcoming cruise to Alaska.  Let me tell you… anticipation is in hyper drive as we are two weeks away!  We have family in Colorado and New Mexico traveling with us on the trip.  The same family that my wife just saw when she was in Colorado this week to see our nephew graduate from high school (shout out to you know who!) and her Dad honored with his medical school class for their 50th year since graduation.   During this trip my wife and her family buzzed about the itinerary, sites to see, and my nieces discovery that; indeed all the food is already paid for and she can have three course meals anytime she wants!   Do we dare tell her about room service??  At the same time my daughters and I have poured over documents, plans, packing lists, etc.  Well, you get the idea…. ANTICIPATION!

This feeling of “anticipation” is universal to all of us when it comes to travel.  We all experience it differently and it does not matter if it is an upcoming cruise, camping trip, road trip, family reunion, etc.  You know what I am talking about as you have experienced it several times in your life I am sure.  Do you have a sense memory about travel?  This blog can also be a dialogue with my readers so please feel free to reply and let me know your what your sense memory is.   Here is mine…. for whatever reason travel for me is the smell of breakfast cooking as mornings smell and feel different when I travel.  I hope to hear back from my followers as well as new followers who discover my blog (hint hint readers….tell others and share or suggest my blog).

In my last post I also mentioned that I would talk about family travel, which seems appropriate since we are headed out soon on an adventure with extended family.  This is one of many trips we have taken with some family or other.  I remember when I was about to leave for one such trip a co-worker commented how she was amazed we were open to doing a trip with family, at the time my in-laws, and stated she could not do any longer than 2 days with hers.   This struck me and after having a wonderful trip to the Emerald Coast of Florida last Spring I have often thought about her comment.   Please understand that I am not passing judgement. To each their own and every family is different.  I suppose I am lucky and I only hope that you , dear readers, are so lucky and get to experience family travel the way that my family has.   We are so much richer for these experiences which help make the travel adventure even more meaningful.  My kids get to experience things with others; cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.   What an education on so many levels!  We even have a family friend coming with us on this next trip and while she is family in our minds, and that is all that need to be said, she does not fit the previous categories mentioned. Besides…I am almost sure she will get to read this post so I can’t forget her (can’t wait to see you).

Closing out this post, here is my sincere wish for all of you.  I hope to get to experience family travel in a special and meaningful way.  If you have never tried and are so inspired than think of M2 Magic Travel and click on the “Travel Planning” link above to let us know if I can help make arrangements for that next adventure large or small.  So it is with “anticipation” that I wait until our trip and I promise to share and post some stunning photos and memories from our travels.

May you have Magical Travels in Life,




Cruise ship - Disney Wonder - Alaska

Cruise ship – Disney Wonder – Alaska (Photo credit: blmiers2)

As I was thinking this week about my newest blog post, several thoughts passed through my mind.   Two events happened this past week leading to this posting and a title that I hope intrigues you.  You know that feeling you get when a trip that you have been planning and dreaming about is right around the corner?   That my friends is “anticipation”, which leads to the first event of the week.

We have family trip coming up in June for an Alaskan Cruise on the Disney Wonder.  Our travel documents with luggage tags and itinerary details arrived this week and the “anticipation” is building!  We are taking this trip with family and it is wonderful and exciting to share in the “anticipation” with them.  So just to illustrate the sense of “anticipation” I am going to save my blog about this upcoming trip until next time because the second event that happened this week needs to take front and center for now.

So here is the second event….sitting right in my local paper today.  I want to share with you some interesting facts and information about the profound effect of travel on individuals, communities, and local economies.  Giving credit where credit is due, this is from an editorial in The Colony Courier by Diane Baxter, Director of Communications and Tourism for the city of The Colony.   I will put quotes around the portions I am extracting direct from her editorial and then will throw in some facts and figures.  It is interesting reading and speaks not only to the personal side of travel but the real impact the travel industry has on economies.  I hope you find it as educational and interesting as I did.

The 30th annual National Travel and Tourism Week takes place May 4th – 12th.  Travel and tourism is one of America’s largest employers, among the top 10 in 48 states and the District of Colombia.  According to the US Travel Association, in Texas 555,990 workers are supported by travel and tourism – jobs that resulted from visitors spending $8.8 billion statewide, including $604,400 million in Denton County“.   I would be missing Diane’s point entirely if I did not mention what she is of course promoting for our City.  If you are from the area and have driven by or little community you have to take note of the exciting things that are going on here.  You can’t help but notice the amazing land sculpturing (I just made that up, not a technical term I am sure) that is happening on the site where the new Nebraska Furniture Mart and Grandscape development will sit.  Not to mention the newest Top Golf and Specks on the opposite side of the tollway.  From her article again, “The Colony is a unique destination for meetings, sporting events, and leisure travel.  Using the tagline, THE Lake, THE Golf, THE Fun, The Colony Convention and Visitors Bureau regularly promotes the abundant amenities, events, and dining options found throughout the city”.   I am here to tell you it is about to get even more abundant.  So that is on the local front… but what about on a national level?

In 1983, US Congress passed a joint resolution establishing National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW).  In support, President Ronald Reagan signed a Presidential Proclamation urging citizens to observe the week with “appropriate ceremonies and activities”.  The tradition is celebrated the first full week of May and paves the way for people to gather nationwide to spread the word of travel“.  This section of the editorial spurred me on to highlight this information for all of you.  As a self-proclaimed travel blog I felt I had to do my part.   Add to that, as an HR professional who is always cognizant of jobs and employment facts and figures, this was impressive and worth sharing too.  “According to the US Travel Association, travel and tourism generated $2 trillion in economic output for the US economy in 2012.  The industry also represents one of America’s largest employers, supporting 14.6 million American jobs – jobs that cannot be outsourced.”

Thanks for reading my post and being a small part of travel week.  If you are reading this already then you understand “The Travel Effect” and what “anticipation” for an upcoming trip or your next travel adventure is all about.  It is nice to know that when you travel you are a part of something good for our economy and the country.  I am sure that when you go to another country the concept is the same and you are helping contribute to their local economy.

I leave you with one last tidbit, so that you can have some “anticipation” for my next post when I will talk about family travel.  I am fortunate and blessed to have extended family that loves travel too.  Whenever we are together and we go out to eat we always try to eat locally and support the local businesses.   Based on all that is happening here in The Colony you may be able to do just that in the very near future.

Until next time…. Martin





Life Long Learning!

Atlantis in The Bahamas

Atlantis in The Bahamas

I am sure you have heard of being a life long learner. If I am not learning something new every day then I would be worried about myself.

So I have good news… Tonight I attended one of my first travel industry events and was indeed a student. This event was hosted by Travel Impressions, a tour operator, at the Westin Galleria here in Dallas and they provided a great education to a newbie like me. This is good news for all of you. How can that be you ask? i was not there for the wine, dinner, or dessert, you say. Well… My being there is going to help me help any of you who decide to give M2 Magic Travel a try.

My head is swimming with all kinds of dreamy destinations like Jamaica, The Bahamas, and even Peru. Travel is all about the experiences and based on what I heard tonight any of these destinations would be worth experiencing. The picture included in this post was taken in The Bahamas off the back of the Disney Magic cruise ship with the Atlantis hotel in the distance (yes, i took this pic). If you are enticed then be sure to comment so I can message you with details on the great special I heard about tonight. See… I am learning!

Welcome to M2 Magic Travel

Welcome to my second attempt at blogging and the introduction of M2 Magic Travel. After an initial start on WordPress and then a long hiatus I have arrived at my blog passion.

Some explanation is in order on how we arrived at this name and then finally this site. The last several years have been quite the speed bump in the road of life. Back in September of 2009 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through two periods of job layoffs, and still kept a positive outlook. I am happy to report that she is cancer free today and fully employed. While it was necessary to scale back in areas of our life one common denominator that kept us going were our travels, especially to all things Disney. We created Magical Memories with our family and they continue to this day.

During one bout of unemployment we began to prepare for a potential “work from home” activity for her and started a home based travel agency business. This business is a learning process and while we learn, we continue to travel, and this blog serves as our adventures in both. I keep saying “we” because “M2” is us. Ever since our wedding day we (Martin and Mary Cay) have been forever linked as “M squared”. It is the basis of our business and our marriage. As M2 we hope to educate, entertain, and yes… get you interested in becoming an M2 Magic customer.

We desire to provide a travel booking experience powered by M2 so that you can make Magical Memories! M2 Magic Travel is working toward their Disney Specialist designation and we want to help families navigate the world of Disney travel, be it their first or twentieth time to visit, sail, or explore. M2 can help you with any other travel destination as well so let us know how we can help. In the meantime come back and visit this blog for updates on our travels, links to other interesting travel info, and info on how to reach us for a quote on travel.

Wishing you Magical Travels!


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